Ruth Alsobrook-Hurich


Ruth is Program Director of Video Game Development, as well as an adjunct instructor at Yavapai College. She teaches Video Game Development Courses Online, as well as a Zumba® class in the aerobics room. She was instrumental in bringing Second Life to the campus. For this course she developed materials, designed the online environment, as well as taught the course. Ruth is credentialed to teach all Computer Science Application courses including HTML5, Windows Essentials, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Dreamweaver, and Adobe Flash.



Her educational background has provided her with an interesting perspective at developing courses. Ruth holds three degrees: Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications, and Masters of Education in Instructional Technology.  Within this mix are several certifications and awards. Her passion is with online education, as well as gaming and virtual environments and how these relate to teaching and learning.

Ruth has lived in Prescott Valley, Arizona since 1976. She tried many times to leave, yet continued to return. Her family consists of one son in his mid twenties, a husband in his mid eighties, and one forty pound Scotty Terrier who is our Medical Assistance Canine - with an attitude. If she looks frazzled or her speech is unrecognizable...this is the reason.

She is known for her easygoing attitude and enjoys learning new things. Her motto in life is:

It's not a good day unless I learn something new.

If you are looking for someone with a fun way of experiencing the teaching and learning environment, Ruth is the person for you!