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Welded sculpture by Yavapai College student Gil McCann


  1. Preview text chapters, lab manual, Powerpoint presentations, web resources
  2. Print out handouts for this section of course
  3. View digitized human limb movements--walking, jumping, stairs, elbow is great (needs video player installed) [link]
  4. View computer simulation of human gait movements showing research lab approach to gait problems [link]
  1. Bucket demo:  Muscle force versus length (joint angle) experiment.
  2. Simulation of whole muscle properties:  PhysioEx computer presentation in lab [link] (needs password)  yahoo,esme5               Plots from computer simulation of frog muscle stimulation [link]
  3. Class presentation:  Mechanics of Movement I:  Muscle force [PPT download]  [Tegrity recording of PPT]
  4. Class presentation:  Mechanics of Movement II:  Joints  [PPT download]  [Tegrity recording of PPT]
  5. View human knee joints and plastic models of knee joint.  Knee surgery site [link]
  6. Millionaire Game--Joints [link]
  1. Examine how muscles with a larger cross-sectional area develop more tensional force or pulling force
  2. Examine how muscle length and actin-myosin overlap are related to joint angle, and how they affect muscle force generation.
  3. Be able to understand and use the terms concentric, isometric and eccentric as they relate to muscle agonists and their antagonists.
  4. Assemble a good understanding of  the different classes of joints, the tissue types involved and where they would be found in the body.
  5. Be able to describe all of the principal components of a typical synovial joint and demonstrate their role in joint movement.
  6. Organize the types of synovial joints on the the basis of the shape of the joint surfaces.
  7. Analyze each joint of the upper and lower limb, as well as the axial skeleton and know its principal anatomical components, what type of joint it is and what kind of movement it allows for.

Great review of muscle structure and function from Eastern Tennessee State [link]

Knee surgery site [link]



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