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Población y Energía en el Siglo 21: 
Una Perspectiva Biológica

Universidad Técnica del Norte        Tena Science Center

6 de julio de 2011                             20 de julio de 2011

Yavapai College Faculty Showcase:
"Reading Aloud in the Digital Age"
April 2011
Prezi Aheadi--Infinite Canvas Presentation Tools
YC Winter Institute, December 15, 2010
YC Board Presentation

Combining Digital and Physical Resources

in Teaching Anatomy, YC, April 13, 2009


(handout download)

Blogs and Wikis:  Interacting with students on the Web


 Wikis and Blogs Pikachus.

YC New Faculty Seminar, Fall 2006 [link]



Power to the People:  Web 2.0 utilities

(Winter Institute, YC, 2007)[link]

Student Blogs and Wikis--Archives
Biodiversity, Conversation and Domestication presentation

April 2001

Miller Valley Green School PowerPoint Download

Spring 2009

Why Ban Wikipedia

Summer Institute 2009




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