I. Cells/Genetics

II. BodyInternal

III. BodyExternal

IV. Population/Environment




Your last blog posting for each unit should be an evaluation of how you think you did, and what you thought about the unit.  Please use the following questions to guide your self and unit evaluation. You might copy and paste them right into your blog entry.  Don't forget to save a copy of your written answers on your own computer or drive in case it gets lost.



1.  What were the three aspects of the assignments I've submitted that I am most proud of?

2.  What two aspects of my submitted assignments do I believe could have used some improvement?

3.  What do I believe my overall grade should be for this unit?

4.  How could I perform better in the next unit?



REGARDING THE UNIT (adapted from Stephen Brookfield, University of St. Thomas "Critical Incident Questionnaire")
  1. At what moment during this unit did you feel most engaged with the course?


  2. At what moment unit did you feel most distanced from the course?


  3. What action that anyone (teacher or student) took during this unit that find most affirming and helpful?


  4. What action that anyone (teacher or student) took during this unit did you find most puzzling or confusing?


  5. What about this unit surprised you the most? (This could be something about your own reactions to the course, something that someone did, or anything else that occurs to you.)






Please address course correspondence and questions to:


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