I. Cells/Genetics

II. BodyInternal

III. BodyExternal

IV. Population/Environment


You are welcome to navigate through the course material for each unit in any way you wish, and complete the assignments in any order you would like.  The following is a suggestion for a logical way to approach each unit:

  1. Download the lab project instructions for this unit.  You should do this right away so you can anticipate what you might need to do and get in order to do the lab project
  2. View the Unit Welcome Video
  3. View my narrated PowerPoint presentation for the first topic.  You might begin to familiarize yourself with the book chapter topics while you watch the PowerPoint.  You can control the speed of the PowerPoint yourself and, as you watch, identify the pertinent parts of each book chapter.Remember as you view course materials to be taking notes and thinking about how to assemble your compendium review.
  4. Review the other online course material.
  5. Go back and review/read the book chapters in detail.
  6. Begin to assemble your compendium review for that topic
  7. Repeat Steps 3-6 for second major topic in the unit.
  8. Do the online lab activities for that section.
  9. Complete the lab project.
  10. Now go back and finalize your compendium notebooks and post them.  You could do this as you complete viewing all the material for each unit and before doing the lab project.  However, the project may give you more ideas for your compendium review.
  11. Read and analyze the ethical issue.  Write and post your essay.
  12. Post self and unit evaluation.
  13. Post peer color group feedback on ethical issues (in comments section on each peer who has the same blog color as you).  This must be done within one week of the closing date for each unit of the course



Please address course correspondence and questions to:


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You would know in words that which you have always known in thought.

You would touch with your fingers the naked body of your dreams.

And it is well you should.

                            --Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet


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