I. Cells/Genetics

II. BodyInternal

III. BodyExternal

IV. Population/Environment


We will be using the book publisher's Aris website to take the online quizzes throughout the course.  You will also find lots of great web resources for each chapter of the book here.  In my website I often link to some of these resources, but you can explore them yourself on the Aris website under the "Self Study" tab.

To register with the Mader book publisher's Aris website:

1.  Go to the Aris entry page and follow the instructions. [link].

2,  Enter the course code from the Human Biology Home Page.

3.  Please don't register more than once.  If you have any trouble registering, let me know.  This is a free service.  However, when it asks  you to click on "I accept," you are entering into a legal agreement about the use of this website with McGraw-Hill.  If you find something objectionable in that agreement, please let me know what it is and we will try to accommodate you so that you can continue in the course.


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