The 9x9x25 Challenge

In the fall of 2013 our TeLS group and the GIFT Center challenged the YC faculty to write 25 sentences each week for nine weeks about teaching and learning. It turned out to be a really rewarding adventure for all concerned.

There was even a college in Michigan that did a similar challenge for the faculty there. We were written up in the League for Innovation in the Community College Spotlight in December of 2013.

You can read about the 9x9x25 Challege here.


March for Best Practice

We invited all the faculty at Yavapai to participate in this peaceful and profound march hoping to share the remarkable work done in classes! Easy to participate and become a voice for the improvement of teaching in both online and face to face environments.
See our march by clicking on March for Best Practices in the site navigation above or
by clicking here.

Verde CyberSalon

Nothing tricky here, just local educators getting together once a month at a local coffee shop to share ideas about teaching and learning. The idea came from a group of amazing educators in the Phoenix area and I figured we could get it going in the little valley I live in. So we did. Our mission is simple, "The Verde CyberSalon is dedicated to creating a friendly and open environment for teachers and administrators to share ideas about teaching and technology. We meet monthly at various locations to share ideas and develop community among educators in the area." You can find us here and here.

57 Second Blackboard Tip of the Week

This project has been ongoing and the tips are updated weekly, usually. We were able to add a flash version to our faculty portal tab. The faculty have access to them in an area that they use often. That was a huge leap from emailing them links once a week. The tips have been well received.

TELS Webletter

Our webletter was originally housed on the YC site, but it lacked the commenting feature so easily done in blogs. After some discussion of other venues, we decided on Blogger and have been pleased with it there. We also had the Webletter added as a channel to the faculty tab in our portal, so like the 57 Second Tips, faculty have it right in front of them often.


I really think that with the things we can do with computers these days, it is important to place a fuller picture of the instructor in online courses. I have presented this at the 2008 League for Innovation in the Community College Innovations Conference in Denver, the League's CIT Conference in Salt lake City, and at a Maricopa Community College conference. The last two are presentations I have given at Yavapai College events like our Summer Institute for teachers and our Staff Development Day.


Summer and Winter Faculty Institutes

For nine years I have been involved in planning and presenting the Summer and Winter Institutes. They are awesome events and our faculty share the work they do as educators. You can see the resources we have created over the years bly clicking the image below.


EDU 255

This course was developed by our TELS department. Thus far we have had great success with intorducing instructors to the web 2.0 and we have been in a great position to watch many begin to use the stuff in thier courses. This semester we added all the content that had been locked in Blackboard and put it out there on the Web. More room to breathe. We are making progress. Click on image below to see the course.


K12 Teacher Academy

We just completed our fifth year of a K12 event we titled "Teacher Academy." The first year we had over 20 participants from all over Arizona. Our second year the focus of the event was web 2.0 technologies and strategies for integration.