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(breast cancer cell)

Cell Structure and Function


  1. Preview text chapters, Powerpoint presentations, web resources
  2. Print out handouts for this section of course
  3. Online microscope simulator--great prep for microscope use [link]
  4. Print out Lab Project for Unit Two:  Build a Cell.  You will want to start this project during this unit and using what we learn this week.
  1. Cell Structure and Function [PPT download]
  2. Cell organelles wiki [link]. Progress check
  3. Compendium notebook progress check.
  4. Practical Apps topics for this Unit [link] Instructions for doing Practical Apps web pages [link]
  5. Cell Metabolism [PPT download]
  6. Looking at cells in microscope--prepared slides and pond water critters
  7. Start on Wild Microbes Lab Project project [Word download].  What we might see on plates [link]
  1. Establish foundational understanding of cells and their structure
  2. Learn basic organelles of a cell and what they do
  3. Appreciate complexity of cell metabolism:  focus on energy production during glycolysis and Krebs cycle.
  4. Become proficient at using a microscope
  5. Master "reading" a microscope slide
  6. Begin learning bacterial culturing technique


E. coli metabolism website [link]

Diffusion, Cells

Cell as City Bus Tour (see Web Resources for more): (British bus tour!)





The Inner Life of a Cell video by David Bolinsky [link]

Medical Illustrator David Bolinsky at TED talking about illustrating inside cell [musically scored version link; narrated version--link]


Video of transcription and translation [link]


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